Why we are the industry leaders?

KCS has been efficiently installing kitchens in low income, multi-unit, occupied units for over 20 years.  To date, we have installed over 12,000 kitchens.  Our employees have numerous years of experience in various aspects of kitchen planning to installation.  During the “BIG PUSH” or “RAPID RENOVATION” we install eight kitchens daily in occupied units. KCS installation package includes (design, mobilization, installation, punch, and finance).

REASONS FOR OUR SUCCESS = we provide you with an additional job supervision. This is what made the past “PUSH” project a success.


  • KCS provides initial field measurements for budget pricing.

  • Prior to the project starting, we walk through every unit measuring walls, openings, and the location of appliances. We are also accessing possible problems such as code compliances (UFAS) along with door swings, plumbing, gas, and electrical issues.

  • KCS designs shop drawings for each unit type. This is very important, especially during the initial construction of the building, as walls in some units may vary slightly from what was to be an exact. This step reduces complications and the possible need to reorder materials. Failure to produce accurate drawings can prove to be disastrous especially time sensitive in a “BIG PUSH” situation.


  • We have several crews with experience in quick and accurate installation of cabinets and countertops.

  • Our installers are aware of unforeseen issues that may arise during tear out of the old cabinets such as bad walls, water damage, or termites.

  • KCS crews are team players that work well with subs, even those that may not be experienced in a fast paced construction environment.

  • KCS will work through all types of weather storms, rain, heat and cold. KCS will remain on schedule throughout any unforeseen circumstances.

  • Our crews are lodged at local hotels near jobsites.

  • KCS does not subcontract, our installers are KCS employees.


  • KCS maintains an attitude of readiness. We will be ready at the job commencement. In situations such as the “BIG PUSH” cannot wait for and individual or a subcontractor to start.

  • KCS will continually have replacement parts on hand at each jobsite. This reduces incomplete work, unnecessary punch, and returns to the jobsite. This is paramount in this particular type of construction.


  • As soon as the cabinet manufacturer can provide replacement parts our crew members will return to the jobsite to install cabinets or countertops that arrive after the initial install of a “BIG PUSH”. These items might have been short on an order or damaged when they initially arrived. We do our best, however, to minimize shipping issues that arise. We react and resolve issues as quickly as possible.


  • KCS Construction does not include in the price for the worst case scenarios. We price our work historically based on eight units – eight hours a day – five days a week, taking into consideration occasional leeway for unforeseen problems.

  • Our cost includes payroll wages, workman’s compensation insurance, general liability insurance, travel/hotel expenses, tools, Federal Express, company uniforms, and office support staff.

  • All of our employees meet the requirements of I-9 employment eligibility verification.

  • KCS will provide, if necessary, certified payroll reports.

  • KCS holds state general contractor licenses in most states (copies available upon request).


  • Severe Use cabinets, complete wood cabinets made from solid hardwood and plywood with pressure treated base to resist moisture and decay.

  • Specifically manufactured for the multi-unit public housing.